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Doum – (دوم)

Doum as a Whole Fruit directly from Doum palm. It is a good source for antioxidants and secondary metabolites.


Doum (Hyphaene Thebaic) is a fruit that has a wood texture and edible oval fruitsthat that comes from Doum palm tree. Doum nuts contain antioxidants and secondary metabolites such as tannins, phenols, saponin, steroids, glycosides, flavonoid, terpenes, and terpinoids.

Free sample term:

We offer only 0.4 KG as a free sample excluding shipping fees.
We ship the samples to the worldwide by the DHL Express.
The Customer could arrange the shipping by themself.
Sample over 0.4 KG is subject to charge.
We are allowed to send up to 5KG as samples per shipment.
Phytosanitary certificate to import your samples is free of charge.

Order term:

The price is 600$ per ton FOB Port Sudan.
Minimum order is 6 tons.
We accept T/T payment with 30% advance payment and 70% against the shipping documents.
We accept L/C payment for an order value more than 100,000 USD.
Price is FOB port of Sudan for T/T payment and FOB UAE for L/C payment.
An agreement contract will be signed and authorized as a part of the export procedure.


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